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New and Improved

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Improved Film Listings & Search!

Easier and more convenient than every before, you'll be able to quickly find and filter Films/Movies. New listing layouts and content association, we hope to improve the user-experience while you browse and search movies.

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New Cast & Crew Profile Directories

No more waiting on CFDb to update your accounts. Associated with newly posted films and you'll immediately be linked to that listing. Need to make a change to profile images, descriptions, contact information? Make your edits directly to your profile and submit your changes. Our goal is making it easier for you to keep your profile, resume and career details up to date with convenience.

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Memberships & Online Communities

Connectivity is important, as is Fellowship and Networking. We will be introducing new Membership opportunities, communities, discussion forums, messenging services and a rewards system for participation and involvement. Connect with Directors, Actors, Resources and Tools like never before.

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App Features

Industry Related News & Happenings

Find updated and relevant news, content and postings being contributed more regularly. News and announcements associated to Films/Movies, easily associated with Film Listings, Trailers, Reviews, and other information you desire to know.

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Reviews and Ratings System

A fully revised Reviews and Ratings System will be offered in the updated website. Review and Rate movies, based on Quality and Christian Message, while earning participation rewards as part of your membership. Share and recommend to family, friends and colleagues with ease.

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...and Updated Film Industry Resources!

We've always believed in helping provide those interested in the Christian Film Industry, with resources, tips, and contact opportunities. Now, easier than ever before, you'll be able to quickly find the resources you need.

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How You Can Help

Christian Film Database is always looking for help. As we work to re-build the new Christian Film Database (CFDb), we are looking for individuals interested in helping out with providing content, fact-and-resource checkers, editors and contributors. We are also looking for Graphics Designers, Web Developers, and Technical Advisors that would be interested in joining our IT team that works hard behind the curtains ensuring CFDb runs smoothly for everyone to enjoy.

We are also looking for financial support. While we attempt to avoid expenses, we do incur them. Our servers running CFDb incur monthly costs. We also run into expenses when we cannot find volunteer developers and/or designers dedicated to the ministry we're creating here.

If you're able to help out financially, we encourage and welcome your support (PayPal Donate). If you're interested in volunteering your time and skillsets to helping CFDb grow, we'd be honoured by the opportunities. Using the contact form below, you can contact our Administrative team and get in touch.

Contact us today and find out how you can help! We'd be honoured by your blessings. Thanks you!

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